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“And just as I stand and see my shadow, I know it is exactly that, just a shadow. Just as we see both sides of the coin, or the world, we choose to stand in the light and not be guided by the illusion that our shadows create. We will think freely about who we are and decide for ourselves what our reality becomes. “- Amanda Shannon, CEO & Founder

Vision Statement:

Building unity through community. 

Mission Statement:

To amplify the healing process by building partnerships with companies and communities alike to help children and adults live a life of purpose and meaning. 

About the Muse:

Amanda is a classically trained yoga and meditation instructor, receiving her certification from the Yoga Life Institute. She runs her company, Modern Muse LLC which focuses on amplifying the healing process through yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Amanda’s mission is to empower, inspire, and enlighten her clients, so they feel peace of mind, stillness, and a heightened sense of who they are. She creates her coaching, yoga, and meditation experiences with the highest vibration of joy, love, and bliss to ensure that every person feels safe and welcomed. Amanda loves what she does because it allows for freedom of creative expression, and at the end of the day to live is to love and to love is to live, so love what you do. Blessed be.  


Service Description: 

Come meditate, relax through yoga, and awaken to your higher self as Amanda guides your soul to the light that lives within. Each meditation and yoga class will harness the energies of the body, mind, and spirit, strengthening your connection to the divine and expanding your conscious awareness. So you had a spiritual awakening, now what? My Spiritual Development coaching is geared towards helping souls navigate the next phase of their life by giving them the tools and skills needed to rewrite their stories and find their higher selves. My goal is that your soul feels more in tune and awakened to the guidance around you and within you. Who’s ready to embrace their love and light? 


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