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Vision Statement:

To Instill Beauty - To Give Life an Upgrade.

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Mission Statement:

Set to inspire businesses and generations to awaken to the light that lives within. 


“And just as I stand and see my shadow, I know it is exactly that, just a shadow. Just as we see both sides of the coin, or the world, we choose to stand in the light and not be guided by the illusion that our shadows create. We will think freely about who we are and decide for ourselves what our reality becomes. “- Amanda Shannon, CEO & Founder

About the Muse:

Amanda is highly-skilled when it comes to her craft. As a master healer, she connects with her angels and channels their guidance into all of her meditations, masterclasses, and divine coaching sessions. Her divine gift is guiding souls through their own fears, doubts, and anxieties and bringing them to a place of unconditional love, peace, and bliss. She uses her empathic wisdom to connect deeply with each beautiful soul she meets, ensuring that they feel safe and secure within her space. She loves serving humanity and helping to raise the vibration of our planet. She leads with love and light, and has a heart full of grace and compassion.


Service Description: 

Come meditate with angels, align your chakras, and awaken to your higher self as I guide your soul to the light that lives within. Each meditation and masterclass series will harness the energies of the body, mind, and spirit, strengthening your connection to the divine and expanding your conscious awareness. If you are going through the awakening process and need hands-on guidance, my Divine Coaching may be the answer you are seeking. Within 7 sessions, I lead you to stand in vibrational alignment with your higher self, operating from a center of balance and truth. My goal is that your soul leaves feeling more in tune and awakened to the guidance that is around you and within you. Who’s ready to embrace their love and light?