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Turning Fear into Faith - Tips on Manifesting your Dreams

Updated: Apr 19

Faith is believing and knowing that what you want is already yours. The only limitations are those we place on ourselves, which are created due to our limited reasoning and beliefs systems that we have set in place.

I was at the gym recently, and I kept thinking to myself "man the unknown/future seems so scary at times," but then Spirit came to me and said, "Amanda, look at this from an entirely different POV." Spirit reminded me, that I am full of infinite, limitless potential, and with that mindset I have the power to co-create the future of my wildest dreams.

I wanted to share this moment of insight with you, the reader, to remind you of your limitless power and divine gifts. Through the power of "I AM," imagination, and belief we can truly co-create our realities as we see it, and know it to be. What you believe so you become because our thoughts are creating the world in which we live in. Ask yourself, who am I? And who do I desire to become? What do I desire to have in my reality? We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and believing this is a critical part in shifting into an abundant mindset.